• Marek & Orest Reminsky
    Marek & Orest Reminsky

    Amir did an amazing job for us as our agent. As first time buyers we had so many questions about the process of purchasing and Amir was incredibly knowledgable very patient. We ended up with the perfect home and got an amazing deal. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Amir!

  • Kevin C & Graham A
    Kevin C & Graham A

    Amir Joharifard has done a wonderful job in helping Graham and I , Kevin , find a suitable apartment in Vancouver. As soon as we briefed Amir on our requirements and budget, Amir supplied us with an excellent selection of properties with very useful photographs to view. Amir has been very quick to learn from our feedback on properties, either from our feedback on his property emails or feedback when we viewed places together. Amir learns from the feedback and uses what he has learnt to choose which properties to send to us in the future. We have now found our dream property in Vancouver and we could not have had a better realtor to assist us in the process.

  • Serhat S & Sana R
    Serhat S & Sana R

    Working with Amir to find a property was an enjoyable and stress-free process. He kept us notified of all my options, and would let us know about the pros and cons of each unit. Amir exceeded our expectations in the level of service he provided. His professionalism, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Vancouver market quickly gained our trust and confident in him. we would recommend him to anyone who wants a simple straightforward real estate transaction